Architectural BIM

Our Architectural BIM deals with building entities and collaborates seamlessly so that the inventory cost, effort and time is not wasted
Architectural BIM services include:

Schematic Design (Conceptual Geometry)
  • Overall Building Massing Indicative of Area
  • Height
  • Volume
  • View of the building (Exterior + Interior)
  • Location
  • Orientation

Design Development (Approximate Geometry)
  • Generalized Systems
  • Assemblies with Approximate Quantities
  • Size
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevation

Construction Document (Specific Geometry)
  • Specific Assemblies
  • Accurate in Terms of Size
  • Section

Construction Model (Fabrication Model)
  • Specific Assemblies
  • Accurate in Terms of Size
  • Complete Fabrication

Structural BIM

Our Structural BIM is easy-to-use application that empowers structural engineers and designers to create structural systems for buildings and industrial plants in steel, concrete, and timber with unlimited freedom.

Structural BIM services include:

Schematic Design (Conceptual Geometry)
  • 3D modeling of all the structure
  • Structural Analysis
  • Load Analysis
  • Shop Drawings
  • Structural Construction Drawings
  • Clash Detection
  • Detailing Structural Components
  • Beam Calculation
  • Bill of quantities

MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) BIM

Our MEP model allows for the use of collision detection software to locate areas of conflict within the building model. Once the clashes have been located, they can easily be resolved in the 3D model prior to actual construction of the building, saving time and money.

MEP BIM services include:

  • Electrical BIM
  • Plumbing BIM
  • Shop Drawings
  • Builders work drawings
  • Collision detection
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Builders work drawings
  • Bill of Material
  • Detailing of MEP components
  • Parametric Component Modeling
  • Construction Documents

Mechanical BIM

Our mechanical engineering services focus on creating comfortable and healthy environments for building occupants, as well as on the distribution and efficient use of energy. We provide high quality and cost effective mechanical BIM services.

SIMSONA provides the following mechanical BIM services

  • Piping Mechanical systems
  • Penetration Layout / Mechanical Sleeve
  • Mechanical HVAC systems
  • Mechanical Ducting systems / Layout
  • Mechanical Equipment Modeling
  • Diffusers and grills modeling
  • Detailed Mechanical Layout with dimensions, elevations and annotations
  • Fire Protection Shop Drawings

Electrical BIM

Our Electrical System Design is designed perfectly that will give better idea for Power Consumption Calculations and Lighting Load Calculations. By performing Electrical Power Consumption Calculations our experience so far is proving that it has been very useful to provide sagacious and perfect Electrical BIM Service and it also helps to decide exact Quantity Take Off and Cost Estimation of a respective project.

SIMSONA provides the following Electrical BIM services

  • Electrical Schematics
  • Plans of Electrical Power and Lighting
  • Electrical site plans
  • Conduit Layout Drawings
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Build perfect layout modeling of electrical lighting fixtures according to the specifications
  • Electrical BIM Model’s cable trays as per the drawings being provided by client
  • Power equipments like transformers, receptacles, etc
  • Rendering of BIM Model with Lights
  • Walk through of Electrical BIM Model
  • BOQ of electrical elements
  • Schedules of circuits as well as panel board
  • Electrical constructability review

Plumbing BIM

SIMSONA is skilled in using knowledge as well as important infrastructural resources for offering excellent Plumbing BIM designing solutions. In other words, the plumbing solution that is available for you is completely free from errors. We make an effort to deliver best solution and also technological expertise that enable them our long list of customers to develop faith on us in matters of quality and affordability.

SIMSONA provides the following Plumbing BIM services

  • Synchronization as well as Interference checks
  • Sleeve, Inserts, Hanger drawings
  • Installation drawing
  • Spool Drawing
  • Plumbing and drainage drafting services
  • Compressed air gas system plan drawings
  • Water supply and distribution plan drafting services
  • Domestic cold and hot water system layouts
  • Waste water system layouts
  • Storm water system layouts
  • Boiler piping, steam piping
  • Floor plan revision Construction Shop Drawings
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